Friday, January 29, 2010

Essbase Practice - Blog Introduction

Dear everyone,
I am practising essbase for more than five years.
I have worked for the different customers and for the different business processes.

The purpose of this blog is to post a series of articles that will discuss the various issues, solutions, design approches, practices and the standards followed in the Essbase development.

A kind of media, I always googled for that will share the Essbase information in my early career.

Any article on recommended practices of any kind, it seems, should not require a lengthy explanation or argument in favor of the corresponding technology.
It should concentrate on providing the reader with guidelines as how to best use the technology, how to avoid misinterpreting its functionality, how to prioritize implementation goals to get a high cost/benefit ratio, and so on.
As an author, I assume that reader has sufficient understanding of the underlying fundamental principles to be able to visualize the raw power of this technology.

Thanks & Regards,
Srinivas Bobbala